Rike Glaser
Friederike Glaser
Measurable Identity

Our digital clones are defined by access, defined by our passwords which are our digital identification. But up until recently there was a remaining clear division of our physicality and our identity.

The lines became blurry with our physicality being digitalized, our human nature turning into our keys, becoming part of the system of fear, disconnected from our body - rationalized, measurable, detectable and searchable. A non-erasable and non-replaceable authentication through biometrics.

Measurable Identity is an interactive Data Exchange, exploring our personal relationship towards Biometric Data, using designed tools in order to take High Resolution Iris Photographs. The photographs taken have been transferred onto Wearables, used for their visual value and raising the question of the copyright of an image that contains sensitive personal data. The quality of the printed image on the T-shirt is high enough in order to extract the individuals biometric data using a smartphone camera.