Rike Glaser
Friederike Glaser
Pixel Commodity

Social Media are popular stages for self-expression, communication and self-promotion. We are constantly shaping our personal digital territory to communicate, to be existent, to be visible in this world. As the ‚log out‘ became inexistent our digital territory is reinforcing and constructing our identity. We are merging with our personal data. The editing and post-production of our identities which are becoming more and more defined and permanent became a habit, not aimed at achieving representation but aimed at achieving transformation. Maybe we can define identity as the construct of layers of personal information false and true, which then turns into a commodity?

Consciously constructing our own profiles, our identities, while platform owners and investors collect behavioural data that users are mostly unaware of creating. The self turned into an object of marketing and promotion. The online self became a standardized tradable product.

I became the owner of a fake company. I set up a targeting advertisement offering a 20 Pounds Amazon.com voucher in exchange for a Portrait photograph. Immediately my number of likes is rising. I gained 100 likes in one week. A person based on a specific data set has been targeted and photographed. I invited him to take a portrait photograph of him in exchange for a 20 pounds amazon voucher. He immediatly signed my Licence Agreement, which enables me to use his Pixels. I am using his photograph for a physical post-production process of transformation. Revealing the layers of our Identities.