Rike Glaser
Friederike Glaser
Friederike Glaser
One Square Meter Project

The One Square Meter project is an ongoing exploration into escapism from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life. One square meter, a definition of space, has been used as a tool to explore escapism.

1. Floating one square meter on the Serpentine: Test for Floating Office

2. The Faraday Cage: A temporary zone of privacy, surprising any reception

3. Space Property: Is a speculative approach into legal aspects of property.

Hypothetically speaking countries own the airspace linear above their borders. Since planet earth is a sphere space arises in between the extrusion of borders and therefore within the national airspace creates an unclaimed amount of space.

4. J.Curtis: J. Curtis is a non-place, a fake address in London. Universal Conquerors of One square meter extended a street in London by a non existing house, a letter box. Creating this non place triggers imagination and gives options to design for good or for bad.

In Collaboration with Thor ter Kulve