Rike Glaser
Friederike Glaser
Dear Industry

"sustainable product relations“ investigates in the relationship between humans and objects in order to question the short lifetime of certain products and develop possible approaches for designers to extent a products lifetime.

Fundamental approach for ’Dear industry’, is the reduction of components, to support the repair of the product. It combines the advantages of both, a kettle and an immersion heater.

‚Dear Consumption‘ is a lightning system enabling adaptability to different contexts. The system consists of tubes, containing the electrical connections, three different stands and the the light source, which can be adapted to a spotted or diffuse light.

‚Menschen und ihre Dinge’ contains the conversations that took part while visiting people of different generations and social backgrounds at home, to talk about their things and how they store them.

Initiated and Directed by Joyce Moore and Friederike Glaser Editorial Design by Julian Hölzer